Things to do in Moragalla

Things to do in Moragalla

On Sri Lanka’s southwest coast, Moragalla is one of the most well-liked beach towns. It is situated in the western province of Sri Lanka’s Kalutara district, close to the touristic town of Bentota. Beautiful beaches, an excellent paramotoring location, and waterways abounding with marine life can all be found in this area. Additionally, Moragalla is a haven for beachgoers looking for a quiet beach vacation in Sri Lanka. In Moragalla, spend your days lounging in a hammock, eating delectable food from coastal restaurants, and riding a motorbike. Some of the other things to do in Moragalla include paramotoring, parasailing, snorkelling and diving etc.

1. Admire Glorious Sunset at Moragalla Beach

Moragalla Beach

Moragalla Beach has a distinctive and tranquil coastline and is positioned halfway between Bentota and Beruwala beaches. The water is relatively shallow because of the coral reef in front of the beach. Activities like wind-surfing, diving, and snorkeling can be planned. Since the water level will rise in the evening, the morning is best for these activities. But keep an eye out for any red flags on the shore. While Moragalla Beach shares the same crystal-clear seas and fine, golden sand as other beaches, it is distinguished by its serene atmosphere. One of the reasons the beach is a haven for beach lovers who wish to soak in the sun in a tranquil and isolated setting is because of this. The little hill that appears to be an island in front of the beach is actually the tip of the panhandle that makes up Bentota beach. On top of the hill, which is completely covered in trees, there is a little temple. You can charter a boat off the shore to travel to this temple. Climbing to the top is simple. You can reach the temple’s center by ascending the cement steps. Passing the shrine room, turn left and continue on the path. You will reach the rocky cliff’s edge by using this route. Such a wonderful location to witness magnificent sunsets. The Bentota River connects the southern portion of the beach, which is also a beautiful and tranquil location. To relieve the stress of routine city life, travelers can simply relax on the warm beach or go swimming in the cold, blue waters. Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite things to do in Moragalla.  

2. Visit Picturistic Barberyn Lighthouse

Best things to do in Moragalla - Visit Barberyn Lighthouse

Among other best things to do in Moragalla is to visit the Barberyn Lighthouse. The Barberyn Lighthouse, a spectacular example of 19th-century architecture that overlooks the southwest sea, is still one of Sri Lanka’s most easily accessible towers. Barberyn Island is where it is situated. It is a 3.25 hectare island that is located 0.8 kilometers from Beruwala. The actual lighthouse is 122 feet tall, and the light can be seen for 19 miles. Near order to deal with the stormy seas and undersea reefs in Beruwala that may rip off the bottoms of ships, the British Colonials constructed Barberyn Lighthouse in 1889. It was updated in 1969 by getting rid of the outdated dioptric equipment and adding a revolving pedestal beacon. There are a few British-era ruins, some of which have expansive open windows with picturesque views. You can also discover an old, deserted well that formerly provided water for the residents. It underwent additional modernization in 2000 with the addition of a Differential Global Positioning System and is electronically connected to the other significant lighthouses across the nation. Every 20 seconds, a white light with a brief flashing pattern was seen 150 feet above sea level. The light is currently on from 6.30 p.m. until 6.30 a.m. The light directs seafarers and spins once per minute. The Barberyn Lighthouse is also one of Sri Lanka’s four international lighthouses.

3. Explore the Historical Kande Viharaya

One of Sri Lanka’s largest Buddhist temples is called Kande Viharaya. Visiting Kande Viharaya is one of the best things to do in Moragalla if you are history lover. Given that it is located atop a hill, the temple’s name, Kande Vihara, which means Mountain Temple, was chosen. Venerable Karapagala Dewamitta Thero established this holy site in 1734. Kande Vihare contains all the key components required for a significant Buddhist temple. These include the Bo Tree, the Relic Chamber, the Stupa, the Sri Vishnu Temple, the Image House, and the four Great Temples. The octagonal Shelter contains the bell-shaped stupa that may be found on the Vihara grounds. The three basal terraces are located above the moulding made of flower petals at the stupa’s base. The bo tree is more than 300 years old. A square enclosure wall was built in the tree in the 1980s. The oldest structure on the grounds of the temple is allegedly the relic chamber. The inner compartment now contains the relic casket. Paintings from the latter part of the Kandyan period have been used to embellish the walls and ceiling. The enormous Buddha statue that was unveiled in 2007 is the temple’s major attraction. The statue of the Bhoomisparsha Mudra is the tallest sitting Buddha statue in the world, standing 160 feet high. 

4. Enjoy the Breif Garden

When you’ve finished looking for the best things to do in Moragalla after you’ve arrived there, you might as well go to Brief Garden. Bevis Bawa, a landscape architect and proprietor, created the lovely Brief garden. A tropical forest with a jungle-book vibe coexists with an Italian villa garden, an English landscape garden, and the garden architecture, which spans around two hectares. The garden’s current location was formerly an estate that was a rubber plantation. Bawa focused instead on improving the estate’s garden after realising he lacked the discipline to run and maintain a successful plantation. Bewis cut down the cash crop tree to make room for both his cottage and the range of exquisitely landscaped areas that were later connected by vibrant and thickly planted paths. The garden contains a variety of orchid species, as well as Torch Ginger, Madagascar Periwinkle, and Sexy Pink. The garden rooms that encircle the bungalow are decorated with urns, sculptures, outdoor baths, and ironwork. In 1969, when the garden first welcomed visitors, it was already well-known. Ringing the morning bell opens the gate to the garden. You have a choice between taking a self-guided tour or going on your own through the garden. Bewis never stopped tending to the garden till he passed away in 1992.

5. Take a River Safari at Bentota River

Bentota Boat Safari

On a boat safari, discover the unexplored mangrove ecosystems that line the Bentota River’s banks. It begins at the Bentota beach, not far from the location where the river meets the sea. River Safari can begin at any predetermined time between 7 am and 4 pm. While discovering the distinctive mangroves, you will have a memorable experience on a Bentota River Safari. Hence, it is considered to be among the top things to do in Moragalla. Further, you can see animals such as Water Monitors, River Birds including Kingfishers and Bee-Eaters, Egrets, Eagles, Fruit Bats, Cormorants, and Monkeys in their native habitats. The Bentota River Boat Safari is particularly well-liked and well-known among tourists for its crocodile sightings. You may take pictures with a baby crocodile on one of the islands. Additionally, your boat will navigate the mangrove tunnel. Huge mangrove trees that rise hundreds of feet above the bay’s sea level help to form it. The narrow, muddy river bank is home to these enormous mangrove trees. 

6. Visit Sea Turtle Hatchery

Top things to do in Moragalla - Visit Sea Turtle Hatchery

All tourists enjoy visiting the sea turtle hatcheries. Sri Lankan  beaches are home to five of the seven different species of sea turtles. Green Turtles, Hawksbill Turtles, Leatherback Turtles, and Olive Ridley Turtles are among these species. They are all listed as endangered. Although turtles lay more than one hundred eggs, not all of the hatchlings make it. In reality, the natural survival rate of baby turtles is often under 5% worldwide. The remainder is eaten by predators. Therefore, these Sea turtle hatchery centres primarily serve as hatcheries and exert great effort to raise the rate of hatching and survival of young turtles. Sophisticated, water-tank-equipped facilities are available at the sea turtle hatchery to care for both newly born turtles and older turtle species that have been rescued from the sea because of injuries. Any sea turtle hatchery is best visited around the time when female sea turtles are returning to their nesting areas to lay their eggs. The known turtle hatching period in Sri Lanka is from November to May. with their peak months being January through March. It is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Moragalla. 

7. Paramotoring


The most recent innovation in ultra-light foot-launched air sports in Sri Lanka is paramotoring. It is known as one of the safest types of aircraft and has the thrilling ability to fly slowly and safely at low altitudes. You will be seated safely throughout your flight in a specially made cart. Your orientation is controlled by the parachute above your head, and the height at which you fly is determined by the enormous fan behind him. It is a fair-weather machine, so it is not advised to use it in strong or gusty winds or other inclement weather. One flight can only last 12 or 20 minutes, depending on your preference. You can even switch off the engine once you’ve got to a high enough height to leisurely glide over the beautiful southwest countryside. This is one of the top things to do in Moragalla for adventure seekers. An experienced instructor who speaks English will lead you through the exercise. The open environment of the aircraft gives passengers the impression that they are soaring as they soar through the air while taking in the scenery from above. Customers are advised to bring their passports because they check Identification before to flights.

8. Helicopter Tour

Things to do in Moragalla - Helicopter Tour

Prepare for takeoff and enjoy the stunning panorama below as you soar over Moragalla. Truly is one of the most exciting things to do in Moragalla. One of the most qualified helicopter pilots in Asia pilots brand-new Robinson helicopters for Skylark Helicopters. They have received approval from BOI and Sri Lanka’s civil aviation authority. Before zooming over the beach in an exhilarating acrobatic performance, the flight begins with a leisurely tour of the local area, taking in Sri Lanka’s outstanding architecture, Buddha statues, and lighthouses. 

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