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Best places to visit in Weligama

Places to visit in Weligama

Weligama is the newest trendy tourist resort in Sri Lanka with hopes of becoming the nation’s South Beach. From Colombo, it is around 150km away. Weligama, which relates to the region’s sand sweep bay, is named after it which means “sandy village.” Weligama is perfect for beginning surfers, and many independent travellers pick up the sport here. This beach is ideal for diving and snorkelling because it is protected by a shallow coral reef. PHP, Bridge Rock, and Yala Rock are a few popular dive locations. The stilt fishermen that congregate at the Weligama beach at sunrise and sunset are also well-known. The bamboo fishing rods these guys were using to try to catch little fish were set on vertical poles with crossbars, producing a picture-perfect scene. Weligama is known for its expertise in producing beeralu lace. Lace-making, which was first popularised by the Portuguese in the 16th century, has continued as a traditional handcraft along the Weligama shore. To assist you in creating the ideal schedule, we have put together a list of the best places to visit in Weligama.

1. Weligama Beach

Weligama Beach Best places to visit in Weligama

Weligama beach is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Weligama, which is located 30km from the  famous Galle Fort. In Sri Lanka, Weligama is the ideal place to learn to surf. The best surfing places are located in the bay, while the beginner spots are just in front of the town. You may learn to surf at one of the many local surf schools. The ideal months to visit Weligama Beach are from October to April, when the weather is pleasant and the sea isn’t too rough. The small island of Taprobane, just offshore, is the most notable feature of Weligama bay. It is almost undetectable because of a dense canopy of lush trees. This islet served as the vacation retreat for the exiled Frenchman Count de Maunay in the 1930s. The villa is now a five-bedroom boutique hotel that is accessible to anyone who wants to stay there.

2. Snake Farm

Snake Farm

Sanke farm is an exciting places to visit in Weligama, which is a great place for anyone looking to spend a day with snakes in Sri Lanka. 112 snake species in Sri Lanka. On land, there are five poisonous snakes, and in the sea, there are 10 more poisonous sea snakes. More than 20 different snake families may be found at this snake farm, where you can learn things you’ll never forget. Snakes that have been rescued from nearby homes and farms are now waiting to be moved to a location that is safer and more permanent. The country’s top Ayurvedic surgeons, a father and son team, administer this facility. Ayurvedic remedies for snake venom are available at the snake farm. Being able to shoot pictures that you’ll never forget while holding a non-venomous snake in your hand is kind of an adventurous experience. Venomous snakes like cobras and vipers visitors can observe them in an open setting at a safe distance.

3. Handunugoda Tea Estate

Handunugoda Tea Estate

You are invited to investigate and learn about the complex art of manufacturing tea at the Handunugoda Low Country Tea Plantation and Tea Factory. Herman Gunaratne is the owner of this 200-acre tea, rubber, cinnamon, pepper, and coconut estate. The exotic Virgin White Tea is the most well-known product of the Handunugoda estate. The manufacturing procedure is an imitation of one that was utilised in ancient China. Before the leaves reach the lips of their deserving client, they are plucked with golden scissors and never come into contact with human hands. Tea pluckers in a large plantation would typically pluck about 23 kg of tea each day, however in this plantation, they only handle about 150 leaves per day. You can take a tour of the tea factory while you are there to understand more about the complex procedure. After their journey, tea enthusiasts can even try a freshly brewed cup of the finest Ceylon tea.

4. Weligama Fish Market

Weligama Fish Market best places to visit in Weligama

In Sri Lanka, purchasing fish at the fish markets with the people is a wonderful opportunity to get a true sense of local life. Fresh, delicious fish relies on what the boats have captured. Weligama’s fishermen begin their day’s fishing before the sun rises. Following a successful catch, the fishermen brought the fish right away to the Weligama Fish Market for preparation and sale. There are several fresh fish options available in the fish market, including tuna, swordfish, gar and snapper. A fantastic site to learn about Sri Lankan fishing methods, as well as the way of life and culture of local fishermen, is the Weligama fish market. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to plan boat excursions into the ocean for fishing and learning about the fishing industry. The best time to go to the Weligama Fish Market is between 5 and 7 in the morning when the fishing boats return to sell their catch in the early light.

5. Kushtarajagala

One of the outstanding statues created in Sri Lanka under the influence of Mahayana Buddhism is the Kustarajagala statue. The name of the location, which translates as “king with a skin issue,” refers to a foreign ruler who is said to have disembarked in Weligama to receive treatment from a local doctor. The old main road, which passes through Weligama town and is roughly 12 km from Matara town, is where you can find Kustarajagala. Archaeologists and historians now assume that the statue represents the Mahayana Buddhist Bodhisattva Awalokatheesvara who is destined to become a Buddha in the future life. This is because the headpiece has four depictions of the Buddha in various states of meditation, together with a lotus in one hand. He wears several chains around his neck, an ornate headdress, a gorgeously designed necklace, and other pieces of jewellery. Additionally, it is thought that this statue dates to the 7-9th centuries. The temple, which was formerly thought to be a component of the ancient Aggrabodhi Viharaya, nevertheless exudes an aura of antiquity despite being left to the whims of nature. Kushtarajagala is one of the top places to visit in Weligama.

Places to visit in Weligama

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